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Painting & Decorating

Euromaster Workflow:

Detailed estimate

This is the most important part of our workflow. Euromaster does a thorough assessment of your painting or renovations needs and write detailed points on our estimate form. We review this estimate with you, explain any questions and concerns you may have and make adjustments. As part of our detailed estimate Euromaster also offers professional advice on the choice of paint colours used in your project.


Once the detailed estimate is finalized it becomes our agreement which we follow to the last point ensuring that you get exactly what you want and what we said we will do for you without going over budget.


All items and furniture are moved and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. We use the unique approach of covering all floors with special construction paper which eliminates any possibility of paint dripping on the floor but most of all prevents from scratching and damaging the actual hard wood floors as is possible with drop cloths.


Depending on our Agreement, we patch up all cracks and holes and seal all stains. We will remove any loose paint. All surfaces are then professionally sanded to create an even surface.


If necessary, this is based solely on our long experience, we will begin by adding a primer - the type of primer will depend on the current condition of your walls' surface. With today's paints technologies priming walls is not necessary if the surface is prepainted and in good condition. Eliminating the need for primer application keeps your costs down because only two coats are applied instead of three. Paint colours chosen by you, in many cases with our FREE advice, are applied uniformly as per our agreement.

Mess-Free policy:

We will vacuum all areas where work was performed. We will remove all materials and garbage brought by us from your house. We will place your furniture back to their original location.


With our agreement in hand we will walk with you through all the steps and all the areas to review our performance. We will also ask you to complete our brief Euromaster Review form (Customer Review available online).

Euromaster Advantage:

Our final step in the workflow is unique to Euromaster. Within a week after completing your dream project you will receive in your mailbox a certificate which will contain the following information: the list of items that we have done for you, the paint names and colour numbers.


interior staining door interior staining stairs

Kitchen cabinets
Wall units
Wood panels
Stairs & railings

Special Wall Finishes

faux wall finishes faux wall finishes

Faux wall finish is a technique of decorative painting which aims to replicate the look of materials such as marble, wood, architectural details and many other.
Most common faux finishes include:
Marbleizing, Graining, Venetian plaster, colour wash, wall stripes, rag painting and wall murals

Ceiling Stucco Spraying & Repairs

stucco ceiling stucco california ceiling

Stucco is a building material made up of plaster, sand and water. It is highly durable. It greatly covers all cracks and uneven surfaces making the ceiling look straight and uniform. Don't be fooled - stucco application process is messy. It is extremely necessary to cover up every inch of floors, walls and furniture to avoid disaster. Our experience, unique 2-in-1 process and attention to detail in applying stucco eliminates all your worries. Plus, we repair all cracks and damages of your ceiling caused by wear and tear and water damage.


interior renovations interior renovations

Drywall and plaster
Hardwood floors

Epoxy Floors

epoxy floors epxoy floors

Epoxy floors provide a clean and shiny look, functionality and high durability. They are easy to clean and maintain especially in high-traffic areas and are slip resistant. It is resistant to oil, grease, tire marks and many chemicals. Epoxy floors can be used in kitchens, storage rooms, laundry rooms, garages and basements. Epoxy floors come in the following finishes:
Colour epoxy - grey, blue
Decorative stone
Decorative concrete: staining and flakes