Mississauga Home Painters

Mississauga House Painters

Professional Mississauga House Painting Company
House painting is not just a job, house painting is our passion.

Since 2000, Euromaster Painting and Renovation Company has been providing professional, high-quality house painting and renovations services in Mississauga. Mississauga has a diverse and multicultural community. Every ethnic community brings their own cultural views and design ideas. This makes our job very exciting and challenging. Our customers want to ensure that their home feels like back home - Euromaster makes this happen by respecting its customers request and providing an honest and reliable service.
Euromaster Painting and Renovation Company provides general house painting service which includes walls painting, trims painting, moldings painting, ceilings painting, doors painting, cabinets painting and closets painting. Euromaster House Painting Company also provides stucco ceiling repair and spraying.
Painting is the process and our job but our passion is to provide you a service that will make you love your house. We do this by providing you with expert advice on how to paint and remodel your house. Every house has the potential to look its best; all it needs is the right paint, a proper colour, and a knowledgable and experienced professional. Euromaster is not the cheapest home painting company but your house is not the cheapest either. We provide a quality service and work with your budget.

Our Customers' Review
Living & Dining Room
Euromaster brought life back to our living and dining rooms. The choice of colour makes our furniture and picture frames really stand out." - Rebecca, Toronto
Hallway & Basement
"Wow. Can't believe the change in the look of our hallway with the istallation of wainscotting and painting it white with satin finish. The golden colour on the walls accented the wainscotting details really well. Thank you." - Ursula, Brampton
Kids Room
"The kids love the colours you helped us choose. The idea to paint each wall with eco-friendly paints and in different colours with an eggshell finish was helpful." - Anida, in-house daycare
Master bedroom, washroom, walk-in closet
"Thank you for refreshing our walls within one day." - S.P., Etobicoke
Home Theater and Fitness Rooms
"Very pleased with the way you handled our equipment making sure it was covered well. We don't know if we should watch the walls or the TV." - Rajith, Brampton
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